Unblock US Netflix with Best Smart DNS for Netflix

Smart DNS Proxy listed below is the most reliable DNS service to unblock US Netflix. Please clear your cache and cookies (or better yet use a different browser) before accessing Netflix from another region. The website stores cookies that are used to block access whenever the user tries to switch to a different Netflix region.

Smart DNS Proxy VPN

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2 in 1 Smart DNS Proxy subscription gives access to their SmartDNS service that supports over 200 channels in 31 countries along with a no logs VPN service in 40 countries. IP update bookmark is available for users with dynamic IPs. SmartVPN service overcomes limitations on 3G/4G connections, hotel networks and Wi-Fi hotspots that do not allow 3rd party DNS settings. To read a full Smart DNS Proxy review click HERE.


In January, 2016 Netflix added 130 countries making it a global on-demand video streaming service available in 190 countries. Due to government restrictions on the American companies, countries like China, North Korea, Syria and Republic of Crimea are still, unfortunately, out of luck.

PureVPN Deal While it seems like almost everyone can now access Netflix without any restrictions, it’s not quite the case as Netflix content dramatically varies. While a $12 US Netflix subscription has the largest selection of titles – 7,000, Netflix in Europe costs 12 Euro and generally averages at about 2,000 shows, Australia has just a little over the 1,000 shows with the rest of the world also significantly limited in Netflix content available.

Netflix has also made some bold comments about banning VPN and proxy services to protect their licensing agreements with the studios. While it is indeed possible for Netflix to actively start blocking IP addresses of known DNS services, it’s possible for Smart DNS proxy providers to quickly replace banned IP addresses with the brand new ones. Hulu attempted the same strategy 2 years ago. While it caused certain temporary outages and inconvenience, leading providers quickly replenished their lost IPs and continued to successfully unblock Hulu for international users.

Please note that PayPal sided with Netflix in their attempt to block VPN & SmartDNS services and has recently started to block PayPal accounts of certain providers. For this reason certain SmartDNS services can no longer accept PayPal payments. All VPN and SmartDNS providers, however, continue accepting Credit Cards and other payment options.

Now there are several ways to unblock Netflix: you can either use a VPN service that will securely encrypt your connection and replace your real IP address with a new one or a SmartDNS service. While VPN is an excellent option, especially for those who are also looking to increase their security, SmartDNS has virtually no performance impact and is easier to use as it requires to software.

Smart DNS Proxy unblocks geo-restricted Netflix content by re-routing and altering relevant location related DNS data, thereby, tricking Netflix into thinking you are located in the US. Unlike VPN, SmartDNS does not encrypt Internet connection (the main reason for decrease in speed) and does not completely replace an IP address. Therefore, with a reliable SmartDNS provider the speed is generally unaffected.

The best SmartDNS Proxy providers offer a vast number of channels and Netflix regions, support desktop and mobile devices, Xbox consoles and PlayStations, Smart TVs, and of course, have a reliable high-speed service preferably with automatic IP update service. Leading providers use PPTP encryption to bypass securely configured internet connections such as satellite, 3g/4g, public Wi-Fi, hotel Wi-Fi that normally don’t allow 3rd party settings.


  1. ClaudJanuary 9, 2018

    I can unblock US Netflix with Smart DNS Proxy. I find it very easy to use and I like that it doesn’t affect my speed.

  2. PhilDecember 11, 2017

    I too confirm that Smart DNS Proxy can unblock Netflix USA. I used other smart dns providers, no luck.

  3. Netflix worksJune 25, 2017

    It’s getting harder every day to bypass Netflix proxy error. I tried several smart DNS providers and VPN providers, none worked. Until I found this article. Smart DNS Proxy indeed can bypass the error. Definitely recommended.

  4. guestFebruary 8, 2017

    I confirm that I can bypass proxy error with Smart DNS proxy service. It’s very simple to use too. You only need to change your DNS settings to the ones that are provided by Smart DNS Proxy and you’re good to go. It doesn’t slow down your speed like VPN.

  5. MikeJuly 2, 2016

    Unblock-us doesn’t work with Netflix. Smart DNS Proxy service works with Netflix. If you want to access American Netflix library from India, I recommend Smart DNS Proxy.

  6. Unblocked Netflix USAApril 26, 2016

    Netflix banned so many smart DNS and VPN services. It’s a cat and mouse game. I have tried many services, but I find that Smart DNS Proxy is the most reliable. Thank you for your recommendation!

  7. MicahJanuary 25, 2016

    I travel a lot for work and I always use smart DNS to access various channels. Recently Netflix began blocking many providers that could bypass regional restrictions. After many unsuccessful attempts, I’m happy that I found Smart DNS Proxy, it seems to be the only smart dns provider that works most of the time.

  8. netflixJanuary 20, 2016

    I confirm that I can bypass proxy error with Smart DNS Proxy service. It’s very simple to use too. You only need to change your DNS settings to the ones that are provided by Smart DNS Proxy and you’re good to go. It doesn’t slow down your speed like VPN.


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