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USA: Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Saint Louis, New York City, Phoenix
Americas: Canada, Brazil, Chile, Mexico
Europe: United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, Turkey
Middle East & Africa: Israel, South Africa
Asia/Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand
Desktop OS Mac Windows Linux
Mobile OS iOS Android Windows Mobile BlackBerry
Routers Yes
Available apps None
OpenVPN Yes
L2TP/IPsec No
IPsec/IKEv2 No
Encryption: 256-bit
IP type: Shared Dynamic
Number of Countries 36
Number of Servers 50
Simultaneous Logins No
Logs Yes
Torrents Allowed Yes
Legal Jurisdiction Serbia
Proxy No
Firewall No
Kill Switch No
Data Limits No
Free services Free VPN
24/7 support Yes
Payment Options: PayPal, Credit Card, American Express (AMEX)
More Payment Options: No
Money back 15 day guarantee

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  1. Laurindo NunesJuly 31, 2017

    Very unprofessional and not reliable.


    Signed up for Bosnia-and-Herzegovina-Dedicated-IP-VPN monthly plan and payed $30 for the 1st month.
    after 21 days they couldn’t deliver the product or send me a refund –> so basically they scammed me for $30.

    Between the subscription/payment we exchanged a few emails:

    One week after the payment, they still had not deliver the product/app, so I asked if they had any idea on how much time it could take for them to send it.
    They told me they could not give me the exact time frame since that depends on the hosting company.
    After 16 days since the payment, still no product, so I asked for a refund. They did not send it and neither care to reply to the email.
    After 19 days since the payment, I told them that if they would not send me a refund during the next 48 hours I would have to give my feedback about their service. They did not send it or reply so here I’m sharing my experience with superVPN.

    Also want to let you know that while giving my feedback on different websites I found other people complaining for similar scams with them. Subscribe at your own risk.


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