Smart DNS Proxy & VPN Review

34 thoughts on “Smart DNS Proxy & VPN Review”

  1. Veronia says:

    I use Smart DNS proxy to watch Netflix when I travel abroad. It gives me a great experience while offering a reasonable price.

  2. Phill C. says:

    Excellent service for Netflix.

  3. Simone says:

    I wanted a service that wouldn’t slow down my connection. Smart DNS was the answer. I was using Smart DNS Proxy for 4 months mainly to watch sports, it works well. No complaints. The setup process is straight forward too.

  4. Theo cassi says:

    Cheap, works well, doesn’t affect my speed. I use it mostly for BBC iPlayer.

  5. Joey Svensson says:

    I have used this service for over a year to watch american tv (I’m from Europe) like Netflix USA, Hulu. I tried a lot of different providers, but all of them don’t work well enough. I was getting Netflix proxy error way too often with other smart dns providers. Smart DNS Proxy I find reliable and it supports all the channels that I personally use. So I give it 5 stars.

  6. bustednut says:

    Excellent reliable smart dns service. Very easy to setup and use and doesn’t cause any problems. I need US Netflix, sometimes they have some problems, but 99% of time it work well. I also like that smart dns doesn’t make my internet slower.

  7. Lloyd says:

    Excellent services and quality. I travel often, Smart DNS Proxy is a wonderful service to have.

  8. Carl Velt says:

    Smart DNS is perfect for an expat living in Asia. I’ve tried numerous free proxy services, but none could bypass geo restrictions, probably because their IPs are well known and blacklisted. Bypassing Netflix proxy error also proved challenging with a lot of paid DNS services not working. I actually planned on getting a VPN, but Smart DNS Proxy had a free trial that didn’t require a credit card so I decided to give it a try. I changed DNS settings in my Smart TV and now I can access Netflix without any issues, along with a lot of other channels. A small price to pay for access to all my favorite shows. I guess if they didn’t have a free trial I’d be more hesitant to try. I’m glad I did.

  9. Better than VPN says:

    If you only want to unblock channels I think smart DNS is better than VPN because you keep full network speed. It doesn’t provide the security of a VPN, but it’s faster. Dynamic IP changes are fully working. Support is really fast and helpful. Highly recommended.

  10. Cleo Kelsey says:

    Comparing to competition it works really well with American Netflix. I mean Netflix doesn’t always work because they constantly ban all services, so it stops working for a few hours and then Smart DNS Proxy quickly fixes the issues and then it works again for a while. And then it may stop working for a day or so, and then works again for a month or so. A never ending cat and mouse game.

  11. churpro says:

    Service works perfectly just like they say on their website. I can bypass geo restricted content without problem. I mainly need american channels. So I use this proxy service and I didn’t see issues with any channels. Excellent customer service too.

  12. Kristopher says:

    Does everything it advertises. Perfect for US Netflix and Hulu.

  13. US Netflix works says:

    Smart VPN for US Netflix works.

  14. Mishi says:

    Good service to access geo restricted websites like Hulu.

  15. Benjamin says:

    I am using their SmartVPN to watch US Netflix, but I think they support more Netflix regions too. Not sure which ones because I didn’t check. Their support is very friendly. I’m computer illiterate, they did a great job to help me setup SmartVPN. I am a very satisfied customer.

  16. Neil says:

    Excellent service! I travel a lot so I have to use some sort of service to be able to watch shows that are restricted when I go abroad (BBC iPlayer, Netflix and the like). I tried other smart DNS providers, but I didn’t quite like them because they didn’t unblock some websites (I watch both American and British channels). Smart DNS Proxy has satisfied my needs so far. Setup is simple, support is quick to help, the service is very cheap. I am happy with my choice.

  17. Rolland says:

    Good service overall. Sometimes Netflix blocks their IPs but the provider is quick to fix it.

  18. Australia says:

    I live in Australia, I am very satisfied with the Smart DNS. I tried alternative DNS services but Smart DNS Proxy offers the best choice of USA based channels especially Netflix.

  19. Sharman says:

    The perfect service to enjoy restricted content without any limitations. I live in Germany now and I miss many US shows. DNS proxy is a perfect service.

  20. Ronnie says:

    I’m very satisfied with smart dns. They have a lot of channels available, the service is very reliable. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, ABC and lot of sports channels. It’s really cheap considering the selection of channels.

  21. Lyn says:

    Smart DNS Proxy is amazing! I tested other providers, even more expensive ones, but none work with American Netflix. This provider is reliable enough (they have some outages for a short time sometimes), very inexpensive and the number of channels is one of the best. Support is friendly and professional. Highly recommended.

  22. Jamie Clark says:

    They used to work well but I’m experiencing issues with Netflix now. If they don’t fix it I don’t think I will be renewing my subscription.

  23. Prakesh says:

    Wonderful service! It’s reliable, fast, the setup couldn’t be easier. You get access to so many streaming services, one of the most reliable services for Smart TV. I used the free trial to see if it lives up to its claims and it’s truly a wonderful service. I use it for BBC iPlayer, US Netflix, HBO, ESPN, Spotify.

  24. works says:

    All my channels work consistently as advertised on the website.

  25. Felipe says:

    Smart dns proxy works as expected and if you need smart vpn, they have one too. Good service for the price. I didn’t have issues accessing blocked websites at all.

  26. Cindy says:

    I like services that are simple and easy to use. My friend recommended me smart dns service, but I didn’t even want to try because I thought it would be way too complicated. As a matter of fact it was so easy. Support walked me through setup process step by step, the whole process took only a few minutes. So I can definitely recommend the provider and kudos to their support team.

  27. Leo says:

    Performs exactly as claimed.

  28. Travis Han says:

    Wow, incredible service! I don’t even use cable anymore. IPTV is the future and Smart DNS Proxy is a part of it.

  29. Stew Mahan says:

    I have tried several smart DNS services, but all of them were blocked by one channel or the other. Smart DNS Proxy can unblock all of them so I can now watch BBC iPlayer, Sky and HBO no issues.

  30. Becks says:

    Sometimes it doesn’t work, sometimes it works. Based on reviews online it seems like the issue is netflix themselves and other dns services don’t work at all.

  31. TV addict says:

    The only Smart DNS service that can reliably unblock Netflix any more. When they were experiencing issues I really thought they were just unreliable so I decided to switch a provider. Turns out they are one of the best offering the most comprehensive channel list and actually doing something when things get complicated, like when Netflix decided to start blocking proxy services.

  32. Harriett says:

    Reliable dns service

  33. Great service says:

    Overall very good DNS and VPN service. It actually even works with sites that are not on the list. I’m mostly using it for Hulu.

  34. Shelt says:

    I spend a lot fo time overseas. This is the first DNS that has actually works for me that I don’t have to fix something all the time. I can unblock all the channels and music streaming services that I use. I definitely recommend Smart DNS Proxy.

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