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OverPlay is a VPN provider with a heavy focus on high-speed secure streaming and gaming. With a single subscription OverPlay offers a VPN service that shields users from cybercrime by encrypting Internet connection along with a SmartDNS service that gives access to 200 streaming channels (including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Spotify and many more) in 24 countries.

Overplay VPN offers high-speed servers in 48 countries and supports OpenVPN (256-bit), L2TP (256-bit) and PPTP (128-bit) protocols. OverPlay desktop apps not only support quick OpenVPN setup, but also allow switching between OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols. OverPlay custom apps are also very useful for gaming and multimedia streaming since ping times are displayed for each server. This feature allows OverPlay users to chose the fastest server based on ping.

Additionally, OverPlay software has a port-forwarding feature: Fast Mode (UDP port 1443) vs Safe Mode (TCP port 443). Fast Mode allows for a better performance because UDP tunneling protocol is faster than TCP if the Internet connection is stable. Safe Mode, on the other hand, is more reliable in areas where the connection suffers from regular interruptions. Port 443 is also a standard port for encrypted HTTPS traffic (browsing) that is never blocked. Hence, Safe Mode is not only a preferred choice on unstable networks, but can also bypass network restrictions in colleges, workplaces and similar environments that block majority of ports.

OverPlay VPN service should not be used for illegal activities including torrenting as it’s against their TOS and might result in account termination: “Users may use the VPN for P2P, but we do not allow sharing of pirated material. Doing so will result in account termination with no refund.”

OverPlay SmartDNS service is an excellent tool to unblock geo-restricted websites and watch sporting events that are not available in all countries. Unlike VPN that can only be setup on desktop, mobile OS and routers, SmartDNS can also be setup on gaming consoles (PlayStation, Xbox), streaming devices (Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku etc), media players and SmartTVs .

OverPlay SmartDNS offers 200 channels including 24 Netflix regions, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, ESPN, Pandora. SmartDNS service doesn’t require any software and is, therefore, easier to use. Once the DNS settings have been changed, OverPlay SmartDNS will automatically determine a region that is required for a specific website. But to make things even easier, OverPlay introduced Jetswitch that allows for individual channel preferences if the channel is available in more than one region. For example, accessing UK Netflix while also being able to access your US Amazon Prime Video account and Zatoo Germany. Additionally, OverPlay SmartDNS can be turned off for an individual channel by selecting “SmartDNS Off”.

All in all, OverPlay is an excellent provider for users who would like to protect themselves from various online threats, hide their browsing activities from ISPs, bypass strict college/workplace firewalls that block ports and still enjoy amazing high-speed access to their favorite channels and streaming services. OverPlay is also an excellent choice for gaming especially since their software allows choosing the server based on ping.


Americas:USA, Canada, Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela
Europe:United Kingdom , Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Ital, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine
Middle East & Africa:Egypt, Israel, South Africa
Asia/Pacific:Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korean, Taiwan
Desktop OSMacWindows
Mobile OSiOSAndroid
Available appsMac, Windows
IP type:Shared Dynamic
Number of Countries48
Number of Servers75
Simultaneous LoginsNo limit
Torrents AllowedYes
Legal JurisdictionUSA
Kill SwitchNo
Data LimitsNo
Free servicesNo
24/7 supportNo
Payment Options:PayPal, Credit Card, American Express (AMEX), Bitcoin
More Payment Options:No
Money back5 days guarantee


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