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Most Secure Encrypted VPN Providers

Most Secure VPN

In April, 2014 EU Court of Justice declared the Data Retention Directive to be invalid that resulted in a wide-ranging and serious violation of the fundamental rights to respect private life and protection of personal data. Similar legislation was passed in the UK, Canada and

Best VPN for Chromebook

Best L2TP/IPsec VPN for Windows & Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook

L2TP/IPsec is a protocol integrated with all mainstream desktop and mobile devices which means that it doesn’t require 3rd party software (apps) to be installed. L2TP/IPsec is generally a good alternative security-wise, especially for Chromebook VPN users that cannot setup OpenVPN or IPsec on their

Best No Logs VPN

Best No Logs VPN

While the “No Logs” VPN providers make it very clear they do not store anything, those that keep connections logs, though, are not in any way similar to ISPs and Telecom companies. A lot of countries in the western world passed legislation that forces Internet

Best VPN for iPhone, iPad

Best VPN for Mac OS X El Capitan & High Sierra

While Apple devices are generally considered a more secure alternative to Windows PCs mainly because they are less vulnerable to viruses, malware, adware and other online hacks, Macs cannot protect their users from man-in-the-middle attacks, data theft and other security issues that are especially prevalent

Best Cheap VPN

Best Cheap & Fast VPN to Protect Privacy. Torrents Allowed.

Since free VPN services generally lack quality and reliability that a premium subscription offers, buying a cheap VPN service is the best option for users on budget. More so, free VPN services generally offer simple browser extensions that only secure regular browsing. Cheap VPN services

Best VPN for Windows

Best VPN for Windows

With ever increasing online censorship along with Edward Snowden revelations about Global Surveillance program launched by a number of governments, securing Internet connection with VPN encryption is a must nowadays. The best VPN providers for Windows users not only offer a reliable and fast VPN

Best VPN on Public WiFi Hotspots. Avoid Data Theft.

Best VPN on Public WiFi Hotspots. Avoid Data Theft.

Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, airports, parks and libraries often offer access to unsecured public WiFi networks. Since these networks are generally free, most people tend to use them. But connecting to public Internet comes with a huge risk, unfortunately, since WiFi hotspots generally do not