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NordVPN Review -66% Discount: $3.99/mo Deal

Only $3.99 per month for 2 years of online security with 2018 NordVPN Deal MONTHLY PRICE: 11.95 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 48 USD Despite being one of the cheapest providers, NordVPN is one of the best security oriented companies with amazingly fast VPN servers. Panama based company with

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PureVPN Review | -68% Deal in 2018

MONTHLY PRICE: 10.95 USD 2 YEARS PRICE: 3.54 USD/mo PureVPN is a proud owner of a massive 500 servers network in 141 countries with over 60 server locations specifically optimized for torrenting. PureVPN also has exclusive online gaming VPN servers dedicated for gamers’ traffic only. Low ping

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Private Internet Access VPN Review -58% discount

MONTHLY PRICE: 6.95 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 2.91 USD/mo Private Internet Access is a leading US based VPN provider with a massive amount of servers. Half of them are located in the US, 230 in the UK, 180 in Canada, 200 in Netherlands, 170 in Australia, the rest are scattered around

Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN Review – Lifetime Deal

MONTHLY PRICE: 12.99 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 71.88 USD Get Lifetime VPN subscription with Hotspot Shield by selecting “Unlimited” under “Pricing” Hotspot Shield is the largest VPN provider serving tens of millions of users and offering unlimited high-speed VPN service for free. Since the free version is

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TorGuard VPN Review | -50% Lifetime Deal

MONTHLY PRICE: 4.99 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 29.99 USD -50% off TorGuard VPN with promocode: TGlifetime50 Offering over 1200 servers in 48 countries, all mainstream protocols and 5 simultaneous connections, TorGuard rightfully earned its place as a top VPN provider. Instead of developing their custom desktop apps, TorGuard VPN Logo VPN Review

MONTHLY PRICE: 9.95 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 59.95 USD is one the best VPN providers on the market with high-speed (up to 1000Mbps) VPN servers in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia. Malaysia based is a no logs privacy company with security at their topmost priority. users can

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TunnelBear VPN Review

MONTHLY PRICE: 6.99 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 49.88 USD TunnelBear can righteously be entitled to the most exquisite and original VPN provider with a great sense of humor and uplifting attitude. Everything from smooth website design and flawless apps, to content and support team is very well thoughtout and humorous.

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ExpressVPN Review

MONTHLY PRICE: 12.95 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 99.95 USD ExpressVPN prides one of the largest and fastest VPN networks with servers in 78 countries with infrastructure that is optimised for privacy, security, HD video streaming and torrenting. Considering the provider has a no logs privacy policy, accepts Bitcoin and


OVPN Review

MONTHLY PRICE: 10.99 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 84 USD Based in Sweden, OVPN is hands down one of the most secure VPN providers with astonishingly reliable and fast VPN service. OVPN is a no logs VPN provider that owns the hardware used to run the VPN service. OVPN

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StrongVPN Review

MONTHLY PRICE: 10 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 69.95 USD In early 2015 StrongVPN, a reputable company with 20 years of history, has undergone a number of changes to their logging policy and still remains one of the fastest & most popular VPN providers on the market. Considering their

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Perfect Privacy VPN Review

MONTHLY PRICE: 13.49 Euro ANNUAL PRICE: 124.95 Euro Based in Switzerland, Perfect Privacy is a VPN provider with a heavy focus on advanced online security. Perfect Privacy has ultra fast servers (up to 1000Mb/s) in 24 countries and a custom Windows app with a number of excellent features for

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VyprVPN Review | -25% Discount

  MONTHLY PRICE: 9.95 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 45 USD Based in Switzerland, a country known for their extremely strong privacy laws (think Swiss banks and immense government pressure they manage to withstand), VyprVPN is a leading VPN provider with over 700 servers worldwide. This is the

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ZenMate VPN Review | 40% Discount

MONTHLY PRICE: 9.99 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 71.99 USD ZenMate is a no logs privacy oriented VPN provider with 1000 Mbps high-speed VPN servers optimized for streaming. ZenMate Premium VPN service is very much different from their free browser extensions and should not be confused. ZenMate Premium offers a

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IPVanish VPN Review | 30% discount

MONTHLY PRICE: 10 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 54.59 USD No logs IPVanish is one of the largest VPN providers offering 400 high-speed servers mainly in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. IPVanish partnership with Lag Assassin ensures the lowest ping times creating a perfect environment for gaming traffic. Additionally,

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CyberGhost VPN Review

MONTHLY PRICE: 10.99 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 59.88 USD Offering over 500 servers in a number of countries, all major desktop and mobile platforms, 5 simultaneous connections, CyberGhost is one of the best choices no matter whether you live – in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia or Asia. The company features

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AirVPN Review

MONTHLY PRICE: 7 Euro ANNUAL PRICE: 54 Euro AirVPN is an Italian VPN provider created by privacy activists whose main goal is data protection. AirVPN has over 100 servers in 23 countries that have Perfect Forward Secrecy through Diffie-Hellman key exchange DHE. Essentially key negotiation is performed

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Trust.Zone VPN Review -53% discount

MONTHLY PRICE: 6.99 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 39.95 USD Since Trust.Zone is a Seychelles based VPN provider launched by one of the largest torrenting websites ExtraTorrent, it’s no wonder they are one of the best providers for p2p file sharing. With high-speed servers in 34 countries, Trust.Zone supports OpenVPN

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SurfEasy VPN Review

  MONTHLY PRICE: 11.99 USD ANNUAL PRICE: 77.88 USD Headquartered in Toronto, SurfEasy was acquired by a Norwegian public company Opera Software primarily known for their Opera web browser. Being a part of such an amazing company, it’s no surprise that SurfEasy strives to achieve excellence just