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Best VPN to Hide Torrenting on School WiFi

Best VPN for uTorrent in 2018. Fast & Anonymous Torrenting.

uTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients. It offers incredible download and upload speeds as well as a number of custom options. Unfortunately, certain countries classify torrenting as an offense. All major ISPs fine their users when they catch them torrenting. Selective traffic

Fastest VPN Provider. Gigabit speed.

Best Ultra Fast VPN in 2018. Gigabit Speed. Fastest VPN Servers.

Even though there are many VPN providers on the market, choosing a VPN that won’t slow you down is hard, especially if you are on Google Fiber. Since VPN encrypts all incoming and outgoing traffic, generally with 256-bit key length, and reroutes everything through their


Best VPN for Kodi

Kodi is a streaming service that requires a high-speed Internet connection to offer uninterrupted streaming experience. When choosing the right VPN for Kodi, fast and reliable VPN service should be a priority. Because most Kodi users prefer to run Kodi on Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia

Best VPN to Unblock Websites in School

Best VPN to Unblock Websites on School WiFi

Note: If your school completely blocks VPN and you need to bypass school firewall, please refer to The Best VPN to Bypass College Firewall guide. Many schools, colleges and universities restrict internet access to certain online resources in attempt to ensure that their students remain

Best VPN for Gaming - Reduced Lag & Anti-DDoS

Best VPN for PlayStation 4. High Speed. No Lag

Restricted content is a typical phenomenon in a multimedia world. VPN can bypass regional restrictions on PlayStation 4 while also offering amazingly fast speed and low ping times. By connecting to a VPN server a country different from your real location, you can access a

Best VPN for Gaming - Reduced Lag & Anti-DDoS

Best VPN for Xbox One. High Speed. No Lag.

If you would like to unblock geographically restricted Xbox One games, VPN is an excellent tool to access online games from anywhere in the world. Since speed and low ping is of utmost priority, we only consider VPN providers that offer high speed VPN servers

Best VPN for Gaming - Reduced Lag & Anti-DDoS

Best VPN for Nintendo. High Speed. No Lag.

VPN for Nintendo is the best tool to bypass geographical restrictions. Once you connect to a VPN server, you can switch between countries without a limit and, therefore, access Nintendo games from anywhere in the world. VPN additionally increases gaming speed on throttled and poorly

Best Free VPN

Best Free VPN

The feeling of getting something for free is great. Even when the quality is not as good as we’d get if we paid, we might still opt for a free service over a paid one. This is when things start getting messy… There is no