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Because Turkish ISPs block VPN, you must use advanced tools specifically designed to bypass VPN ban and hide VPN connection. Regular OpenVPN settings will likely NOT work, please read our guide in full to successfully unblock VPN in Turkey.

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Best VPN with servers in Turkey

The Turkish government, notorious for being hostile towards freedom of speech, has been increasing their censorship efforts across the country. The National Security Council considers social media one of the main threats to national security that weakens the ruling party’s control over the flow of information. By 2015 online censorship in Turkey has reached thousands of media outlets and social media accounts. The Turkish government persecuted and consequently imprisoned hundreds of journalists, attacked several media organizations and detained Turks as a result of their social media posts.

As of March 2015, Law No. 5651 on Regulating the Internet came info effect, broadening the scope of access to user data without a warrant. Additionally, the law authorizes the Turkish government to block online content without a court order, under the excuse of protection of life and private property, protection of national security and public order, prevention of crimes, and protection of public health.

Facebook, Reddit, YouTube and Twitter were all temporarily banned until access to “sensitive content”, that is considered inappropriate to be viewed by the Turkish citizens, was restricted. This content includes, but is not limited to criticism against the president and his government, corruption scandals, political and religious opinions, public protests, pornography, gambling, dating. Social media tends to be blocked during important political events that can undermine Erdoğan’s authority, to silence intelligence leaks and corruption scandals. Erdoğan has filed criminal complaints against hundreds of people for allegedly insulting him online.

In addition to draconian censorship laws and complete lack of media freedom, there is ample amount of proof that the Erdoğan government is spying on Turkish citizens: leaks of illegal wiretaps, mass surveillance and documents that prove Turkish police is using malware tools to hack into user accounts. More so, the Homeland Security Act that passed in March 2015 grants public authorities up to 48 hours of covert surveillance without a court order. This essentially means that Turkish government can decide to wiretap any person at their own discretion.

VPN is an excellent tool to bypass Internet restrictions and government surveillance in Turkey. VPN encrypts communication while replacing a real IP address with a new IP, and completely hiding Internet traffic from ISPs and the government.

Because Turkish ISPs target certain VPN services and block common VPN ports, we recommend only those providers that are not blocked in Turkey, and also offer advanced tools to bypass firewalls. While simple tweaks to the VPN settings should work for most VPN users, please read our guide in full if you need to bypass aggressive firewalls that can sniff out encrypted traffic and completely block VPN connection.

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Panama based NordVPN is one of the best VPN services with fast and incredibly secure infrastructure. NordVPN was independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG based in Zurich, Switzerland (one of the Big 4 auditing firms) that confirmed NordVPN to be a no logging VPN service that don’t log identifiable user information under any circumstances. Additionally, NordVPN offers a Double VPN – a privacy feature that sends your Internet traffic through two VPN servers, encrypting it twice.

NordVPN has over 5,000 servers in 62 countries, including 18 VPN servers in Turkey. Which is why NordVPN is a perfect choice to get a Turkish IP address and access local resources.

NordVPN is one of the best VPN services for Turkey because of obfuscated VPN servers that can bypass VPN ban. If you are located in a country that completely blocks VPN, obfuscated servers can bypass even the most advanced network firewalls on restrictive WiFi.

NordVPN Obfsproxy servers not only unblock VPN on strict firewalls, they also hide OpenVPN and make your VPN use completely undetectable. For this reason, neither Turkish ISPs nor the government will know that you are using a VPN.

NordVPN can, therefore, bypass Internet restrictions and online censorship in Turkey, and unblock Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, restricted Wikipedia pages, porn, gambling, and other blocked websites.

Besides, NordVPN has a Smart Play technology offering an encrypted connection to access geo-restricted content on Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Spotify and similar services. If you are a torrenting user, NordVPN has torrenting VPN servers as well.

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PureVPN is a no logs VPN service that was independently audited by Altius IT, a leading California-based independent Certified Information Systems Auditor. Altius IT team members are experts in higher-level network security audit, risk management, assessment, and security consulting services.

PureVPN has 2,000 high-speed VPN servers in 140 countries with Turkish VPN servers located in Istanbul. So if you need to access local content and unblock Turkish TV channels or media outlets, PureVPN is an excellent choice to get a Turkish IP address.

An important feature for Turkish VPN users is port forwarding that allows sending VPN traffic over Internet ports that are not blocked in the country. This way PureVPN can bypass VPN block on restrictive networks in Turkey.

High-speed and secure PureVPN network offers multiple security features for anonymous Internet browsing. PureVPN has desktop and mobile VPN apps with a built-in WebRTC, IP and DNS leak protection. Kill switch is another important feature for VPN users since it prevents unencrypted data leaks when VPN connection drops. PureVPN even has a DDoS protection add-on.

PureVPN can unblock content on restricted services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and bypass banned websites like porn, gambling, religious and news content. PureVPN is also one of the few VPN providers that can effectively unblock Netflix with their dedicated streaming servers for Netflix USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Japan.

Additionally, PureVPN introduced dedicated Streaming add-on that will boost streaming speed and enhance performance. PureVPN optimized streaming servers are best to get a buffer-free streaming experience in Turkey.

If you need to limit your VPN use only to specific websites or services, PureVPN split tunneling feature lets you decide which applications to send through unencrypted channel and which one to secure with an encrypted VPN service.

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Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is one of the best no logs VPN services to protect your data from mass surveillance, bypass censorship and access restricted content.

ExpressVPN has been independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, a top team of security audit experts with access to ExpressVPN servers’ codebase to verify the provider’s no logging claims. The audit also checked whether TrustedServer implementation operates as described. TrustedServer means that all ExpressVPN servers run on RAM only (not on hard drive) and are wiped every time they are rebooted, which eliminates any possibility that the Turkish government could seize VPN servers and access sensitive user data.

ExpressVPN has one of the largest and fastest infrastructures with over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, along with VPN servers in Turkey, which makes them a great choice to get a Turkish IP address and browse geo-restricted local content.

Ultra fast ExpressVPN is one of the few VPN services with network that supports gigabit Internet connection, making it a perfect choice for ultra high speed streaming and torrenting. ExpressVPN can unblock Netflix USA and UK, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and a number of other streaming services.

Another reason that makes ExpressVPN the best service for Turkey is their technology that hides VPN use. The provider wraps OpenVPN into SSL and reroutes VPN connection through HTTPS port 443. This setup completely hides VPN use from ISPs and makes your VPN traffic appear as regular encrypted Internet browsing. Assuming your restrictive network blocks VPN protocols and ports, ExpressVPN can unblock VPN on virtually any network.

ExpressVPN desktop apps have a built-in DNS leak protection to ensure that no data is leaked while the app is running. Even though ExpressVPN is extremely reliable and does not disconnect, kill switch is another useful feature that protects you from unexpected data leaks.

Overall, this ultra fast infrastructure, dedication to security, and a number of features definitely makes ExpressVPN a top VPN provider for Turkey.

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Switzerland based VyprVPN is a leading no logs VPN provider with over 700 ultra fast servers worldwide that support gigabit VPN speed (1,000Mbps). With over 200,000 IP addresses in 64 countries, VyprVPN offers a fantastic choice of VPN locations. For Turkish VPN users who need a Turkish IP address to browse geo-restricted local websites, VyprVPN has servers in lstanbul, Turkey.

VyprVPN was independently audited by Leviathan Security that verified VyprVPN no logging claims. Unlike most VPN providers who rely on 3rd party hosting, VyprVPN owns their VPN servers and only VyprVPN staff has access to them.

VyprVPN is also a great service to bypass strict firewalls that block VPN in Turkey. For this purpose VyprVPN developed a proprietary VPN protocol – Chameleon. The protocol scrambles OpenVPN and reroutes VPN traffic via port 443 (always open), thereby bypassing VPN block and hiding VPN use from ISPs. Chameleon makes VPN undetectable even via deep packet inspection (DPI) and allows you to use VPN on very restrictive networks that completely block VPN, which are ubiquitous in the Middle East.

VyprVPN infrastructure is one of the fastest, offering ultra fast gigabit speeds and low ping times for high speed HD streaming. Being one of the fastest VPN services, VyprVPN boasts some of the best VPN speeds. VyprVPN also offers dedicated streaming servers that can bypass Netflix proxy error, unblock BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spotify and many more.

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Offering over 3,000 servers in 55 countries, all mainstream protocols and top-notch security, TorGuard rightfully earned its place as a top VPN provider. No logs TorGuard is a reliable, fast and secure VPN service for Turkey that can unblock all censored websites and services.

To get a Turkish IP address, you can connect to their VPN server in Istanbul. Unlike most VPN providers, TorGuard can bypass Netflix proxy error with Netflix streaming IPs. TorGuard gives access to a number of Netflix regions (USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and Singapore), Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Spotify and virtually any streaming or social media service, including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Stealth VPN is a technology that TorGuard uses to unblock VPN and bypass filters (typically used by the government to censor and restrict online content). Consequently, TorGuard is a highly recommended VPN service for users who live in the regions with particularly oppressive governments, and would like to unblock censored websites or services.

TorGuard desktop apps have a built-in kill switch feature that actively monitors your Internet connection and protects your real IP from leaking on unstable WiFi.

Besides a great number of security features and ability to unblock VPN in Turkey, TorGuard is also an ultra fast VPN service with gigabit servers (actually, 10 Gbps). This infrastructure allows the fastest VPN speeds with a reliable streaming and browsing experience.

But TorGuard is not just a VPN provider, they offer additional security services like OpenPGP encrypted email with 2 factor authentication and up to 10Mb free, secure storage.

To read a full TorGuard review click HERE.


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Romania based CyberGhost is a no logs VPN provider with over 6,500 high speed VPN servers in 90 countries. CyberGhost has 40 VPN servers in Istanbul, which makes CyberGhost one of the best VPN services to get a Turkish IP address.

A number of WiFi networks block VPN, typically found in hotels, airports, restaurants and the like. Desktop VPN apps can automatically test a wide range of ports and connect to the random VPN port that works. ISPs in Turkey tend to block VPN connection by closing VPN ports that are reserved for encryption protocols. For this reason, CyberGhost is a great choice to bypass VPN ban in Turkey, and unblock censored content.

CyberGhost is a leading, secure VPN service with a number of advanced security and privacy features that are not offered by competitors. CyberGhost desktop apps guard your connection from DNS & IP leaks, an automatic kill switch makes sure your real IP address is not leaked when VPN disconnects.

Anti-fingerprinting and tracking protection blocks websites from storing personally identifiable data. A built-in ad-blocker and anti-malware blocks annoying ads along with malicious websites. Automated HTTPS redirect forces unsecured websites to go to HTTPS, ensuring that you browse the most secure version of it. Data compression is another interesting feature that compresses data to reduce your Internet usage.

Additionally, CyberGhost has dedicated streaming servers to unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other multimedia services that normally block VPN users. You can also choose to connect to dedicated VPN servers optimized for torrenting.

If you need to use VPN for specific apps, split tunneling is a feature that excludes predetermined apps from passing through the VPN tunnel. For faster streaming and torrenting, CyberGhost VPN allows switching between TCP/UDP protocols (UDP may be faster comparing to TCP).

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PIA is one of the largest no logs VPN services with over 3,000 VPN servers that deliver great speeds and a reliable performance. Private Internet Access has 24 VPN servers in Turkey. If you are in Turkey, connecting to one these servers will guarantee faster VPN speeds and access to local geo-restricted content.

PIA offers easy to install VPN apps for all devices with security and privacy features that protect VPN users. In 2018 PIA was subpoenaed by the FBI and the only information they could provide was that the cluster of IP addresses being used was from the east coast of the United States. The FBI case confirms that PIA indeed does not log any user activity.

Desktop apps have a built-in kill switch, DNS and IPv4/IPv6 leak protection that guards the connection from IP leaks. Their NAT firewall does a great job at protecting from cyber attacks.

PIA VPN in one of the best services for Turkey as the provider gives unrestricted and uncensored access to blocked or censored websites, like multimedia, social media, porn gambling, religious content and controversial news reports. Aside from unblocking various restricted sites, PIA can also unblock Netflix USA and Netflix UK libraries, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime.

For faster streaming and torrenting experience, PIA software offers switching between different connection types and ports. You can choose between UDP and TCP connections types that, depending on network, can speed up traffic. UDP is also greatly preferred for torrenting and streaming. You can also send VPN traffic over various ports: 443, 80, 110, 53, 8080, 9201.

Since Turkish ISPs block VPN by closing certain VPN ports, port forwarding is an especially useful feature for Turkish VPN users. Port 443 is the best option because it is used by encrypted HTTPS traffic, so setup your VPN to use port 443 if you need to bypass VPN ban in Turkey.

SOCKS5 proxy is another excellent feature that can re-route only certain traffic through VPN tunnel eliminating the need for split tunneling. SOCKS5 is widely used with torrenting software due to its convenience. Once installed on uTorrent, for instance, it works for p2p traffic only.

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Perfect Privacy is an ultra fast (gigabit servers) VPN provider with a heavy focus on advanced online security. As the name suggests, Perfect Privacy VPN has some of the most secure VPN features for maximum anonymity in Turkey.

For the fastest browsing experience and access to geo-restricted Turkish content, you can connect to the VPN servers in Istanbul. But like we mentioned above, the provider’s focus is not the amount of servers they own, it is security, privacy and complete anonymity.

Perfect Privacy has one of the most advanced kill switch implementations. A regular kill switch only works when the VPN app is running. Perfect Privacy integrated firewall enforces all traffic to be sent through secure VPN servers whether the app is running or not. Essentially, it prevents unsecured online access when you restart your device, thereby, guarding your data from IP leaks not only when the app is running, but also after OS reboot.

In addition, Perfect Privacy offers a unique Multi-Hop VPN feature that allows cascading over up to 4 OpenVPN servers at the same time along with SOCKS5 and Squid proxies. This way you can connect to a chain of 6 VPN servers, so no entity can trace you back. While this setup surely provides more anonymity, it will dramatically slow you down.

Perfect Privacy can also bypass VPN ban in Turkey by hiding OpenVPN traffic. Perfect Privacy implemented Stealth VPN and OpenVPN over SSH features to obfuscated OpenVPN and make it look like normal HTTPS traffic. For additional firewall penetration Perfect Privacy allows 5 custom port forwardings or 3 default random ports.

Basically, if you are in Turkey where VPN is blocked, Perfect Privacy can bypass firewall and unblock VPN on virtually any network.

NeuroRouting is an AI based routing that determines the most secure and fastest route through the Internet. It also automatically changes your external VPN IP address depending on the destination. Another fantastic anonymity feature is the provider’s ability to resolve .onion (TOR) addresses without the need for the Tor Browser.

Overall, Perfect Privacy VPN is a perfect tool to avoid mass surveillance, bypass Internet restrictions, access censored websites, and securely stream multimedia content in Turkey.

To read a full Perfect Privacy review click HERE. VPN Logo

Go to Hide.Me Website  


Based in Malaysia, is one the most secure and fastest VPN providers offering gigabit VPN servers that deliver the fastest VPN speeds for users on gigabit Internet connection. is a no logs VPN service with VPN servers in Istanbul. You can get a Turkish IP address to bypass local government restrictions and anonymously unblock censored content in Turkey.

Additionally, the provider is a great choice because they offer advanced VPN masking tools to bypass VPN ban. Hide.Me masks (obfuscates) OpenVPN traffic with TLS-Crypt so, if your WiFi network blocks VPN by analyzing traffic patterns, this method can bypass even the most advanced firewalls. The technology also encrypts every OpenVPN packet twice, sort of like Double VPN encryption.

Additionally, the provider offers a dynamic TCP/UDP port-forwarding (UPnP) with up to 10 TCP/UDP ports, a useful feature on WiFi networks that block VPN ports. So if your Turkish ISP blocks regular OpenVPN connection, you can try forwarding VPN traffic via another port (normally 443) to make your VPN work. Some ISPs also throttle the speed on some ports, so again, testing various options may speed up your browsing, streaming and torrenting activities.

Hide.Me VPN apps for desktop and mobile devices have advanced features for privacy and security. A built-in protection against IP and DNS leaks, with a kill switch that automatically shuts down Internet access when your connection to a VPN server is dropped.

Stealth Guard takes this even further by blocking access to predetermined apps (like Chrome or uTorrent) even when the VPN is OFF. Basically, Internet access for a predetermined app is cut off unless you connect to Hide.Me VPN.

Hide.Me also implemented perfect forward secrecy, an advanced feature that forces OpenVPN to regularly renegotiate encryption keys. This means that if your keys are stolen, your previous and future VPN sessions will not be affected.

More so, you can selectively tunnel only specific traffic via VPN. Split tunneling feature allows this or, alternatively, SOCKS5 proxy can be setup on your browser/torrenting client to re-route only that traffic.

Overall, Hide.Me VPN is an ultra fast, reliable VPN service, a perfect choice for security oriented users who need additional anonymity, but also would like to enjoy uninterrupted streaming and browsing experience.

To read a full review click HERE.


Internet Censorship in Turkey

As a result of political pressure major media resources in Turkey have started to self-sensor. Social media outlets have increasingly replaced traditional channels to cover political and religious views that run contrary to the state’s.

In response to increasing social media criticisms and anti-government demonstrations, the authorities increased their efforts to ban a large number of online resources including media and streaming platforms, news, religious and “obscene” content.

In 2007, YouTube and were blocked, while the Internet Law No. 5651 passed that authorized similar future decisions.

In 2008, YouTube was blocked for 2 years again, along with and Enactment of Law No. 5809, the Electronic Communications Law (ECL), was passed that tightened control over the Internet.

In 2010, Google search was temporarily banned, while YouTube block was lifted.

2013-2015 were the years when Twitter users and journalists were imprisoned over political tweets and investigations. Twitter, YouTube and Facebook blocked and unblocked multiple times. blocked for publishing recorded phone conversation between 􏰓􏰂􏰞􏰃􏰠􏰖􏰉Erdoğan and other political figures, (Turkish news), Karsi Gazete, Gri Hat and other news outlets banned for reporting on controversial issues. Grindr, an app for gay and bisexual people, permanently banned along with a number of pornographic and religious websites.

In 2014 the Twitter Transparency Report shows that 328 out of 376 court orders for content removal worldwide came from Turkey. Facebook transparency report indicates a similar trend, when within a few months, Turkey made 1893 requests for content removal, followed by Germany at #2 that made 34 requests.

The amendments to the Internet Law No. 5651 and Internal Security Law were made that expanded online censorship to block websites and conduct surveillance without a court order. The internet service providers were now required to log and collect user data for 2 years, that could be shared with the authorities upon request. The Law Amending the Law on State Intelligence Services and the National Intelligence Agency (No. 6532) was enacted.

As of 2019, Turkey has banned access to over 400,000 websites, with 60,000 banned in 2019 alone.

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