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NordVPN Deal When you torrent, software such as uTorrent, BitTorent, Vuze, Popcorn Time etc does not hide your IP address. For this reason, copyright infringement agencies can monitor torrent swarms and easily obtain IP addresses of torrenters.

As a matter of fact, literally anyone can now access the full list of torrent files downloaded by a specific IP address. I Know What You Download is a huge free database where you can enter an IP address that is of interest to you and get a complete torrenting download history in 1 click! Your friends or relatives could use the website to check which files you download, assuming they know your residential IP address.

Additionally, certain ISPs actively monitor torrent traffic and shut down Internet access for torrenting users.

Fine for Illegal Torrenting

While having your Internet cut off is surely an inconvenience, it is not a big deal comparing to the hefty fines that some torrenters reported. The fines for illegal downloads range from a few hundred dollars to about $1,000,000. Even fines, however, are not as bleak as some pirates getting arrested, while also facing a felony sentence of up to three years in the federal prison, albeit a small percentage of torrenting users are that unlucky with their illegal downloads.

Fine for Illegal Torrenting

Anonymous no logs VPN is a perfect tool to hide your IP address from being exposed when you torrent. However, certain VPN services explicitly prohibit torrenting mainly because they start receiving DMCA complaints from their hosting providers. If VPN providers do not comply with the law and don’t stop torrenting on their servers, hosting companies shut down the service. As a result, all the other users connected to the affected servers suffer as well. So while it’s important for a VPN provider to be okay with BitTorrent, of course, it’s critical that they also choose to host their servers with the hosting companies that don’t mind it either.

It is also equally important for the best VPN services to have servers that are specifically optimized for torrenting. Secure torrenting servers offer excellent upload and download speeds, while also providing top-notch performance, security and reliability.

As a result, the best VPN services managed to do a great job in this respect and optimized their network for the best torrenting performance. The list below includes some of the best VPN providers for torrenting that ensure excellent download speeds, a reliable service, no logs privacy policy for maximum anonymity, DNS leak protection and a kill switch.

NordVPN Logo

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Panama based NordVPN is one of the best security oriented VPN companies with amazingly fast infrastructure. NordVPN is a no logs VPN service that was independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG based in Zurich, Switzerland (one of the Big 4 auditing firms) to back the claims that they don’t log identifiable user information under any circumstances.

NordVPN custom apps have DNS and IP leaks protection and a kill switch that actively monitors your network and shuts down Internet access when your VPN in not running.

NordVPN offers a Double VPN – a privacy feature that sends your Internet traffic through two VPN servers, encrypting it twice.

Onion Over VPN servers is a powerful NordVPN feature that takes your privacy and security to the next level. Using this tech, you first connect to a VPN server and then to the Tor network. Your ISP does not know you are connected to Tor because your entry point in a secure VPN server, while your destination sees an anonymous Tor exit point.

NordVPN obfuscated VPN servers are a perfect choice to use on restrictive networks and to hide the fact that you are using a VPN. These VPN servers are generally recommended for countries that block VPN altogether because the technology can bypass even the most advanced network filtering. Obfsproxy hides OpenVPN and makes your VPN use completely undetectable. Neither your ISP nor the government will know that you are on VPN.

A strict no logs privacy policy, double data encryption, obfuscation tools and a number of advanced security features, makes NordVPN one of the best VPN providers for security and privacy for users with high expectations.

Besides, NordVPN has a Smart Play technology offering an encrypted connection to access geo-restricted content on Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Spotify and similar services. If you are a torrenting user, NordVPN has torrenting VPN servers as well.

NordVPN offers over 5,000 high-speed servers in 62 countries, dedicated & shared IP types, 6 simultaneous logins; the infrastructure is built to provide maximum online security, bypass Internet restrictions, online censorship and network firewalls.

To read a full NordVPN review click HERE.


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Offering over 3,000 servers in 55 countries, all mainstream protocols and top-notch security, TorGuard rightfully earned its place as a top VPN provider.

No logging TorGuard VPN is a reliable, fast and secure service for privacy oriented users. TorGuard offers port forwarding to ports above 2048 and is supported through tunnel types OpenVPN, WireGuard and OpenConnect. Essentially, you can setup custom TCP/UDP ports on each TorGuard server separately that could be finetuned for specific activities. You can use TorGuard to remotely access devices and services, to increase your torrenting speed and minimize gaming lag.

Stealth VPN is a technology that TorGuard uses to bypass Deep Packet Inspection firewalls, such as those typically used at the hotels, airports, restaurants and other public WiFi hotspots to restrict online access. You can also forward all VPN traffic through various TCP/UDP ports if your WiFi restricts default VPN ports. Consequently, TorGuard is a highly recommended VPN service for users who live in the regions with particularly restrictive governments, and would like to unblock censored websites or services.

TorGuard desktop apps have a kill switch feature that actively monitors your Internet connection to protect you from accidental IP leaks when your WiFi is unstable.

Besides a great number of security features and ability to unblock VPN on restrictive WiFi, TorGuard is also an ultra fast VPN service with gigabit servers (actually, 10 Gbps). This infrastructure allows the fastest VPN speeds with a reliable streaming and browsing experience.

Unlike most VPN providers, TorGuard VPN can bypass Netflix proxy error with their Netflix streaming IPs. TorGuard can unblock a number of Netflix regions (USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and Singapore), Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Spotify and virtually any streaming or social media service.

TorGuard is not only one of the best VPN services, it also offers OpenPGP encrypted email service with 2 factor authentication and up to 10Mb free storage.

To read a full TorGuard review click HERE. VPN Logo

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Based in Malaysia, is one the most secure and fastest VPN providers offering ultra fast gigabit VPN servers that deliver the fastest VPN speeds for users on gigabit Internet connection.

Hide.Me is a no logs VPN service with custom VPN apps that include a number of advanced features for maximum security. Hide.Me VPN has a built-in protection against IP and DNS leaks. Kill switch is an excellent tool to shut down Internet access when the connection to a VPN server is dropped.

Stealth Guard takes this even further by blocking access to predetermined apps even when the VPN is OFF. Essentially, you can configure Hide.Me in a way that makes it impossible to use Chrome browser, for instance, when the VPN is not running. This feature is an excellent addition to protect yourself from accidental mistakes.

Hide.Me offers a dynamic TCP/UDP port-forwarding (UPnP) with up to 10 TCP/UDP ports, and port ranges from 100000 and up. The app dynamically maps a network port whenever one is required by an app, saving you the hassle of manual port forwarding. For security reasons, Hide.Me asks you to create a new “virtual” device for UPnP use, instead of enabling globally for all connections. Port forwarding works well if you need to seed torrents, stream HD content or play games.

The service also allows to forward all VPN traffic through a predetermined port. You can setup OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2 protocols to use custom TCP/UDP ports or randomly assigned ports on every connection. A very useful feature on WiFi networks that throttle VPN speed or block VPN ports.

More so, you can selectively tunnel only specific traffic via secure servers. Split tunneling feature allows this or, alternatively, SOCKS5 proxy can be setup on your browser/torrenting client and re-route only that traffic.

The provider also offers advanced VPN masking tools to bypass strict firewalls, censorship and hide VPN use. Hide.Me masks (obfuscates) OpenVPN traffic with TLS-Crypt so, if your WiFi network blocks VPN by analyzing traffic patterns, this methods can bypass the most advanced firewalls. This setup also encrypts every OpenVPN packet twice, sort of like double VPN encryption.

Hide.Me supports perfect forward secrecy, an advanced security feature that tells OpenVPN to regularly renegotiate private keys. In case the private key of the server is compromised, past session keys will not be compromised. Forward secrecy protects past sessions against future compromises of secret keys, and future sessions against current attacks.

Hide.Me VPN is extremely reliable and very fast which makes it a perfect choice for security oriented users who would like to enjoy uninterrupted streaming and browsing experience.

To read a full review click HERE.

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PIA is a leading no logs VPN service with over 23,000 VPN servers that deliver great speeds and a reliable performance.

PIA offers an easy to install VPN apps for all devices with security and privacy features that protect VPN connection from unexpected data leaks. PIA was once subpoenaed by the FBI and the only information they could provide is that the cluster of IP addresses being used was from the east coast of the United States. The FBI case confirms that PIA indeed does not log any user activity.

For faster streaming, torrenting and gaming, PIA software offers re-routing VPN traffic between different connection types and ports. You have an option to chose between UDP (faster) and TCP connections types that, depending on network, can speed up downloads, with UDP being the preferred choice for torrenting, gaming and streaming. You can also forward all VPN traffic through one of the available port options (dependant on your OS and protocol choice): 443, 80, 110, 502, 501, 500, 1194, 1197, 1198, 8080, 9201 and 53. Additionally, PIA allows port forwarding on all non-US VPN servers, with the predetermined forwarded port that you will get.

If you need to bypass VPN block or speed throttling on a default VPN port, re-routing traffic through port 443 is the most common way to bypass strict firewalls when all the other ports are blocked.

SOCKS5 proxy is another excellent feature that can re-route only certain traffic through VPN tunnel eliminating the need for split tunneling. SOCKS5 is widely used with torrenting software due to its convenience. Once installed on uTorrent, for instance, it works for p2p traffic only.

PIA default implementation uses NAT firewall that does a great job protecting from cyber attacks, built-in kill switch secures from unprotected data leaks. In addition, PIA apps have a DNS and IPv4/IPv6 leak protection for both OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols.

PIA VPN service gives unrestricted and uncensored access to blocked or censored websites. Aside from unblocking various restricted sites, PIA also works with Netflix USA and Netflix UK libraries, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime.

To read a full PIA review click HERE.

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PureVPN, based in the British Virgin Islands offshore zone, is a no logs certified VPN service that was independently audited by KPMG – a big 4 auditor. Always-On Audit feature allows KPMG to conduct a thorough surprise audit of PureVPN’s processes and servers at any time without prior notice.

PureVPN has a port forwarding add-on that allows you open any UDP/TCP ports from any device to remotely access your home computer, speed up gaming and p2p seeding. Essentially, you can setup the firewall to block all ports, but for the ones that you want to keep open.

Secure high-speed PureVPN infrastructure offers advanced security features for anonymous Internet use. PureVPN custom apps have a built-in WebRTC, IP and DNS leak protection. Kill switch is feature that guards the users from unencrypted data leaks when the internet connection drops. PureVPN even has a DDoS protection add-on.

Additionally, the provider considered the importance of uninterrupted streaming by introducing Dedicated Streaming add-on that will boost streaming speed and enhance performance. PureVPN optimized streaming servers are best to get a buffer-free streaming experience.

PureVPN is also one of the few VPN providers that can effectively unblock Netflix. For this purpose PureVPN setup dedicated Netflix servers. At the moment the provider can unblock Netflix USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Japan.

In case you want to limit your VPN use to specific websites/services only, Split Tunneling feature lets you decide which applications to send through unencrypted channel and which one to secure with an encrypted VPN service.

Split tunneling is commonly used in case you need a VPN for torrenting only. More so, PureVPN offers 2,000 high-speed VPN servers in 140 countries with over 60 dedicated torrenting servers and a port forwarding feature to maximize your upload and download speeds.

Overall, PureVPN is a great no logs VPN service for privacy and security, to access geo-restricted streaming content, unblock websites and bypass censorship.

To read a full PureVPN review click HERE.


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Romania based CyberGhost is a secure no logs VPN provider with over 6,500 ultra high speed VPN servers in 90 countries.

The provider has a number of advanced security and privacy features that are not offered by competitors. CyberGhost desktop apps have DNS & IP leaks protection, as well as an automatic kill switch that guards your connection if VPN disconnects.

Anti-fingerprinting and tracking protection blocks websites from storing personally identifiable data. A built-in ad-blocker and anti-malware blocks annoying ads along with malicious websites. Automated HTTPS redirect forces unsecured websites to go to HTTPS, ensuring that you browse the most secure version of it.

Data compression is another interesting feature that compresses data to reduce your Internet usage.

CyberGhost, additionally, offers dedicated high-speed streaming servers to unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other multimedia services. You can also choose to connect to dedicated VPN servers optimized for torrenting.

Split tunneling is a feature that excludes specific websites from passing through the VPN tunnel. CyberGhost split tunneling only works to bypass predetermined websites, like, and cannot be used for other apps, like torrenting.

For faster streaming and torrenting, CyberGhost VPN allows switching between TCP/UDP protocols (UDP may be faster comparing to TCP).

If you are on a restrictive WiFi network that block VPN connection altogether by closing common VPN ports, typically found at hotels, restaurants and the like, desktop VPN apps can automatically test a wide range of ports and connect to the random VPN port that works. For this reason, the provider is a great choice to unblock VPN, bypass online censorship and unblock restricted content.

To read a full CyberGhost review click HERE.


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Germany based Perfect Privacy is an ultra fast (gigabit servers) VPN provider with a heavy focus on advanced online security. As the name suggests, Perfect Privacy VPN has some of the most secure VPN features for maximum security, privacy and complete anonymity.

Perfect Privacy dedicated VPN servers run on RAM, not the hard drive, to secure your anonymity and privacy. This setup ensures that the data is automatically wiped during reboot or server shut down so the government cannot access sensitive user data in case they seize the server.

More so, the provider has one of the best and most advanced kill switch implementations. Their integrated firewall enforces all traffic to be sent through secure tunnels thereby protecting their users from all known IP leaks not only when the app is running, but also after OS reboot. Essentially, it prevents unsecured online access after you restart your device unless you connect to a VPN server.

Perfect Privacy allows up to five specific ports to forward to your computer, and three random ports available for forwarding. You can also choose a specific server at which the port forwarding should be applied.

Perfect Privacy also can bypass strict firewalls by obfuscating OpenVPN to look like normal HTTPS traffic with Stealth VPN or OpenVPN over SSH feature, while also rerouting VPN through an open port: 22, 53, 443 or a random high port. Basically, if your WiFi network completely blocks VPN, Perfect Privacy can bypass firewall and unblock VPN on virtually any network.

In addition, Perfect Privacy offers a unique Multi-Hop VPN feature that allows cascading over up to 4 OpenVPN servers (multi-layer end-to-end encryption) at the same time along with SOCKS5 and Squid proxies. So you can create a chain of 6 VPN locations at the same time which basically eliminates any possibility of tracking you down. While this setup surely provides more anonymity, it will dramatically slow you down, which may be an issue for some VPN users.

NeuroRouting is an AI based dynamic routing that determines the most secure and fastest route through the Internet. The algorithm dynamically changes VPN servers when taking a secure route to different destinations. Since NeuroRouting automatically assigns you a new IP address for different exit points, government tracking becomes very challenging, if impossible.

Additionally, Perfect Privacy regularly updates a Warrant Canary page as an insurance that the provider has not received any subpoenas.

Another interesting feature is the provider’s ability to resolve .onion (TOR) addresses without the need for the Tor Browser. Perfect Privacy SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies are setup to resolve Tor addresses by default.

Overall, Perfect Privacy VPN is the most secure VPN service to avoid mass surveillance, bypass internet restrictions, access blocked websites, and securely stream multimedia content.

To read a full Perfect Privacy review click HERE.


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Since Trust.Zone is a VPN service launched by one of the largest torrenting websites ExtraTorrent (now shut down), it’s no wonder they are one of the best providers for p2p file sharing. No logs Trust.Zone is a Seychelles based VPN service with user privacy as their foremost priority. Trust.Zone VPN apps have DNS, WebRTC leaks protection and kill switch for maximum torrenting security. To read a full Trust.Zone review click HERE.


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AirVPN is an Italian VPN provider created by privacy activists whose main goal is data protection. AirVPN has over 200 servers in 23 countries that have Perfect Forward Secrecy through Diffie-Hellman key exchange DHE. Essentially key negotiation is performed every 60 minutes to avoid data breach if the key is compromised. AirVPN offers OpenVPN dynamic port forwarding on 80 TCP/UDP, 443 TCP/UDP and 53 TCP/UDP. Additionally, AirVPN offers OpenVPN over SSH and OpenVPN over SSL that mask OpenVPN and make the use of encryption tools invisible to some of the most advanced firewalls. To read a full AirVPN review click HERE.


Is Torrenting Legal?

Even though torrenting is most definitely illegal in most parts of the world, it many places it is, nevertheless, possible to torrent safely without legal issues.

However, a number of countries introduced strong anti-piracy laws where torrenting without a VPN may lead to fines, lawsuits and even jail time. We recommend that you use a VPN if you plan on torrenting in the following countries:

UK, Europe, Australia and other governments introduced Mandatory Data Retention laws that force Internet Service Providers to collect and store online activity of its users. When subpoenaed, ISPs must disclose IP addresses of the customers who were involved with illegal activities, including torrenting.

While there are countries with more lenient copyright law enforcement agencies, strict copyright enforcement is very common in European countries (France HADOPI law) and the United States (Copyright Alert System). The consequences can range from harmless notices to penalties and lawsuits.

Free VPN for Torrenting

If you are looking to get a torrenting VPN that allows high speed downloads and unlimited data, free VPN is simply not an option. If you are willing to compromise, there are limited free VPN services that throttle the speed and/or cap the amount of data.

Completely free VPN services that run on ads do not allow torrenting on their servers. Completely free VPN providers, additionally, have security risks as well as suffer from IP leaks which defeats the purpose of setting up a VPN in the first place.

We have a whole article dedicated to free VPN for torrenting where we recommend only a few VPN services that can be trusted to provide enough security for safe torrenting. However, the monthly data limit will allow downloading only a few movies per month.

If you are on budget, we recommend purchasing a VPN when the service offers a deal. We regularly track and post active VPN discounts on our Best VPN Deals page.

Port Forwarding VPN to Speed Up Torrenting

ISPs may for various reasons throttle or slow down the speed of certain types of traffic, such as torrenting, or certain ports. Some of these reasons may include reducing network congestion, managing bandwidth usage, complying with legal regulations, or discouraging illegal or unauthorized activities. Throttling can affect the quality and performance of online services and applications that rely on these types of traffic, such as streaming, gaming, file-sharing, or video conferencing. Users may experience slower speeds, buffering, lagging, or connection drops when their ISP is throttling their traffic. There are some ways to prevent or bypass ISP throttling, such as using a VPN, changing the port number, encrypting the traffic, or switching to a different ISP.

Port forwarding VPN to speed up torrenting is a technique that allows you to bypass some of the limitations of your network and increase the download speed of torrent files. Port forwarding is the process of opening a specific port on your router or firewall and directing incoming traffic to a device on your network, such as your computer or smartphone. VPN is a service that encrypts and anonymizes your online activity, making it harder for your ISP or anyone else to monitor or block your torrenting. By combining port forwarding and VPN, you can achieve faster and more secure torrenting.

To use port forwarding VPN to speed up torrenting, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a VPN provider that supports port forwarding and torrenting. Not all VPNs offer this feature, and some may even restrict or throttle your torrent traffic. Make sure to read the VPN’s terms of service and reviews before signing up.
  2. Enable port forwarding on the VPN app and note down the port number that is assigned to you. This is the port that you will use for torrenting.
  3. Configure your torrent client to use the same port number as the VPN. You can usually do this in the preferences or settings menu of your torrent client. You may also need to disable any other port forwarding or UPnP settings that your torrent client may have.
  4. Start torrenting as usual and enjoy faster and more secure downloads.

Port forwarding VPN to speed up torrenting can help you overcome some of the common issues that affect torrent users, such as slow speeds, ISP throttling, and copyright infringement notices. However, it is not a guarantee that you will always get the best performance or avoid legal troubles. You should always use a reputable VPN provider, follow the torrent etiquette, and respect the rights of the content creators.


  1. Paid VPN is worth itOctober 3, 2018

    I was using free VPN services for years, but apparently they don’t work for torrenting. I tried so many and I actually thought some of them worked, but later realized they don’t because I kept receiving copyright alerts. Most of the issues were very slow speeds or torrenting not allowed at all, constant disconnects, IP leaks etc. After I got my fifth copyright alert from Comcast, I realized I needed to get a real protection or else I’m going to lose my Internet forever lol. I’m writing this comment simply to give advice to fellow torrent users. You do need to get a paid VPN if you are located in a country with strict copyright laws! Free proxies and VPNs don’t work. I’m now with NordVPN that I bought during a sale. I’m extremely happy with their service, the speed, the apps and the fact that I know I don’t have to install yet another questionable VPN app on my PC. I really think paying $3 a month is more that worth it. I no longer have to be constantly annoyed that my new shitty VPN doesn’t work, too slow, doesn’t protect me at all or sells my data for profit. Researching and trying to find a working alternative takes a lot of time. Reinstalling bad VPN programs on your PC is so exhausting. NordVPN is the best $3 a month that I ever spent.

  2. ArthJoMay 16, 2018

    I chose PIA because my friend told me their apps have a kill switch. Using them for 6 months, I pirate content daily, mostly new releases and not a single piracy notice. I also get pretty good speeds most of the time. So I definitely recommend PIA. And like others mentioned here, free VPNs don’t work for torrenting.

  3. moviesDecember 28, 2017

    I use NordVPN because it’s one the cheapest and most recommended VPN. This is my first VPN so I don’t have any previous experience to compare, but I find that it doesn’t affect my speed at all and doesn’t disconnect. I don’t know what else I should expect from a VPN, I use it primarily to torrent. So I can give NordVPN 5 stars based on what I need from it.

  4. elektrorockNovember 26, 2017

    I wanted to find a VPN for a reasonable price so I too chose NordVPN based on online reviews. Torrenting speed is good. Been using it for 2 months.

  5. GrzechNovember 21, 2017

    I didn’t want to pay for a VPN because I thought if I wanted to pay for movies I wouldn’t be pirating. So I kept pirating without a VPN until I got my first piracy warning from ISP. Then I tried free VPNs, but no matter how many of them I tried, they all failed to provide an adequate level of service. I mean they were so bad, impossible to use. The speed was extremely slow, the apps freezing, it could take a week to download a simple movie. So I gave up and decided to stop pirating. That was until I realized that if I wanted to access all the movies paying for 1 or 2 subscriptions wasn’t going to be enough. And even if I paid for a few, I’d still end up pirating at least a few movies. But most importantly, it would cost me A LOT more than getting a cheap VPN. This is how I sucked it up and I bought PIA for like $35/year. And to be perfectly honest I now realize I should have done so a long time ago. I’m really happy with my choice. PIA doesn’t log, doesn’t forward piracy warnings, it’s fast and reliable. I even get a sense of some sort of extra security after I started using PIA.

  6. EmlakiaNovember 21, 2017

    Is Nordvpn really that good? I need a provider for torrenting, many reviews suggest Nordvpn. I mean it’s cheap but is it really that good?

  7. AndreaNovember 8, 2017

    The best VPN to torrent must be a no logs VPN. PIA proved they don’t log when FBI requested logs and they couldn’t provide identifiable info. I am a proud PIA user, I think they are the best.

  8. LouhansNovember 3, 2017

    I used free Windscribe and free Siga and all I can say is I’d rather pay a few dollars for a VPN. Download speed was so slow, upload speed was zero. I’m now with NordVPN. It’s really cheap and really fast.

  9. FobbsOctober 21, 2017

    I was getting really bad speed when on VPN and very good speed without a VPN. I contacted PIA and they suggested that my ISP could be throttling specific ports that OpenVPN uses. So I tweaked VPN settings to reroute all VPN traffic through port 443 and the magic happened! My VPN speed was as good as my normal speed. Very happy with PIA support and service in general.

  10. sanakhanSeptember 27, 2017

    HideMyAss banned my account for torrenting and refused to give a refund. Anyone can recommend a good VPN for torrents?

  11. AyaSeptember 9, 2017

    I’ve been using ExpressVPN for years, and not only for torrenting. They are more expensive, but I find that they also offer a higher quality of service. I torrent with Popcorn Time mainly (it’s a streaming app that uses p2p protocol to stream movies) and ExpressVPN gives me the fastest download speeds. I see a lot recommend cheaper VPNs which I suppose makes sense if you only need it to torrent and want to save money, maybe those work alright. But I still think ExpressVPN is superior overall. I use it all the time and I think it’s the best.

  12. vpn reviewsAugust 17, 2017

    If you don’t want to receive copyright notices, you need to activate kill switch. I use NordVPN and they have this option. I wasn’t using it before and I thought I was protected, but one day I saw that utorrent was downloading a file and my VPN was off. So I contacted NordVPN support and they told me that I should activate kill switch to avoid this issue in the future. Kill switch will shut down torrenting in cases when your VPN deactivates. Without kill switch utorrent will continue download over unsecured Internet connection.

  13. censoredJuly 10, 2017

    I cannot access torrent websites without a VPN, they are being censored by my ISP. Which VPN should I use to bypass censorship?

  14. bearweaverJuly 7, 2017

    I highly recommend that you don’t download torrents with free VPN. I personally received a notice from DMCA when I used free VPN. I have a friend who received a notice from DMCA with a paid VPN because he didn’t read their terms and privacy policy and didn’t know they log IP addresses. You should read their policy before choosing any VPN because some providers may forward you DMCA notice on behalf of the agency and ban your account. And provide your real IP address to authorities. You need to be really careful when choosing a VPN. As far as I can tell this article included only VPN providers that do not log and good for torrenting in reality. I’m personally using NordVPN and I highly recommend it.

  15. ChelsimMay 28, 2017

    Do you know any free VPNs that can be used for torrenting?

  16. CesarApril 20, 2017

    TPB doesn’t work where I live, torrents are illegal too. I’m using VPN to access TPB and to download p2p content. It’s actually much easier to use than I thought and the speeds are excellent.

  17. DeannaMarch 7, 2017

    Nordvpn is amazing. I don’t know why you’d need to pay more for a VPN. I’ve been torrenting with Nordvpn for several months already and the funny thing is that sometimes I get better speeds with VPN running than my normal Internet connection speed. I was told this is because VPN providers don’t throttle specific traffic (like ISPs do) and generally have better routes. So sometimes you see better speeds with VPN. Anyway, I’m a very satisfied Nordvpn customer so I can recommend it for torrents.

  18. proxy is worthlessFebruary 17, 2017

    I was using a free proxy for torrents because I thought it worked just like vpn. Proxy is NOT a vpn and worthless for torrenting. Today I received a piracy warning from ISP. Then I read on reddit that proxy is not good. I have just bought NordVPN. Hopefully it will work.

  19. AnonymousJanuary 26, 2017

    My school completely blocks torrents which means I can’t torrent or seed while I’m there. How do I get past this restriction? Can I use vpn at school?

  20. artoriaJanuary 26, 2017

    I just wanted vpn to torrent and I’m on a very tight budget. That’s why I bought PIA because it’s like really cheap and everyone recommends it. I couldn’t find any reliable torrenting vpn for less anyway. So far I like download speeds.

  21. JoneslegJanuary 23, 2017

    I recently moved to Germany, you can get a fine here if you torrent. Therefore I got NordVPN. I’ve read that activating a kill switch is necessary to avoid IP leaks. So I activated it and never start deluge without VPN. I’ve been using NordVPN here for 3mo, I can only say that I experienced no issues. My download speed with VPN is about 50Mbps when my normal speed is about 70Mbps.

  22. NordvpnJanuary 20, 2017

    Nordvpn is a great recommendation! It has everything one needs to torrent. The speeds are great, the apps are easy to use, the interface is nice, all kinds of options including a kill switch. Their pricing is very attractive if you buy a long term subscription. I’m a long time Nordvpn user so I definitely recommend it.

  23. LeighJanuary 18, 2017

    I used coupon code on cryptmode and bought TorGuard for $29 per year. I’m really happy with their service and torrenting speeds. Thanks for the recommendation.

  24. cheap vpnJanuary 14, 2017

    I couldn’t find a good free vpn for torrenting so I was looking for a cheap one. I got Nordvpn deal on cryptmode for $2.99/mo. I only signed up, but I confirm the deal is legit and VPN works like it should. I will update later if I like it or not.

  25. chooooooDecember 31, 2016

    My ISP is throttling and blocking a lot of stuff including gaming, torrenting, streaming etc. My friend is using NordVPN for years, recommended that I should try. So I did. My Internet speed is so much better now, I can play games no issues whatsoever. I can access thepiratebay website, I can download all kinds of torrents. NordVPN saved me a lot of money on endless subscriptions to endless services. I’m really happy I found out about VPN.

  26. torrentingDecember 3, 2016

    I got 3 piracy warnings from my ISP so I had to either stop torrenting or hide my torrenting activities. I decided it was cheaper to get a VPN than pay for movies. Obviously I wasn’t going to pay more than $5/mo so I bought PureVPN on Christmas sale for pennies. I’ve only been using it for a few days, but I like that the connection is stable and the speed is good.

  27. Budget VPNDecember 2, 2016

    I was looking for an unlimited budget VPN to torrent heavily. After reading a lot of reviews and background info I decided to buy NordVPN 3 year deal when they had a Black Friday sale. I’m happy to report that it’s working really well for me and does everything that it’s expected to. So I can surely endorse NordVPN as a great no logging VPN for torrents.

  28. PIA is greatDecember 1, 2016

    My school doesn’t allow torrents and blocks most ports. That’s why most websites don’t work and most vpns don’t connect. PIA review said it had a port forwarding setting so I bought it and I works. I now use PIA all the time at school to bypass filtering. My torrent speeds are almost the same as the regular speed at school and admins don’t know I torrent. PIA is great!

  29. Free VPN?November 20, 2016

    I personally need a VPN for torrenting with unlimited bandwidth. I torrent a lot of movies and I cannot torrent them with free VPN because it’s quite slow (takes 6 days to download a movie). I would like to do it faster. Can anyone here help?

  30. will smithNovember 15, 2016

    I bought ExpressVPN to avoid the dreaded piracy notices from my ISP. Been using it for years now, it works properly. As my subscription was coming to an end, I decided to check if maybe there were other options. Now looking at the best VPN for torrenting ranking I still stand by my choice and will be renewing ExpressVPN again. I think it’s the fastest and most reliable VPN provider on the market. They don’t log, their network is very fast, the apps are updated regularly, the apps are light. I don’t have issues with VPN disconnecting or slower than normal speed. Overall an excellent VPN provider and should be ranked #1 everywhere IMO.

  31. loydbeavNovember 14, 2016

    PureVPN user here. I was torn between Pure and PIA, but chose Pure because it has split tunneling feature. I only want to use VPN for torrenting and not use it for browsing. And split tunneling does exactly this. Other than that based on my knowledge both providers are about the same in terms of quality.

  32. rainmikeNovember 6, 2016

    I got my first copyright infringement notice so I had to buy a VPN. My criteria was the cheapest possible and fast enough. It seems NordVPN is recommended by a lot of users and one of the cheapest VPNs. I’m not sure if the more expensive providers are better but NordVPN is performing quite well for torrent downloads. I’ve only had it for a week so I’m not sure if that’s enough time to draw a conclusion.

  33. MelxiztedOctober 30, 2016

    CyberGhost free plan doesn’t allow torrents on any of the free servers. I almost wrote an angry comment that CyberGhost claims to allows torrents, but doesn’t allow them actually. And the speeds on their free servers are bad too. I then talked to their support, they told me that if I bought premium plan I’d get fast speeds and p2p servers. They offered me a test account for 1 week, it’s soooo much better. The speeds are virtually no different from what I get normally and torrents download fast. I can recommend CyberGhost paid account if you want to torrent. The free service is just too bad for daily use, but that’s expected I guess.

  34. jerksbeefdOctober 28, 2016

    I heard about Nordvpn that they didn’t log user data and are good for online security. I got Nordvpn for a hugely discounted price which was pretty awesome. Tried it, it works, my speed is not affected much. Their mobile apps are not too good though.
    I actually think ExpressVPN is a lot better. Although the price is a little premium and it has flaws too. I have issues with overloaded servers once in a while and some websites block IPs. So if you can afford I’d recommend Express.

  35. Philip RankinSeptember 8, 2016

    Oh, great list you have. I see my vpn here on your list. Anyways, I’d love to recommend NordVPN. So far I did’nt expect it to be so good, but to be true I really enjoy my torrenting because of it, feels like no one can stop me. Haha


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