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NordVPN Winter Holiday Deal 2017 On January 1, 2008 came into effect data retention directive implemented in “Gesetz zur Neuregelung der Telekommunikationsüberwachung und anderer verdeckter Ermittlungsmaßnahmen sowie zur Umsetzung der Richtlinie 2006/24/EG”. The law required ISPs and telecom companies to store user data for 6 months.

In March, 2010 the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany ruled that the law was unconstitutional due to its violation of the secrecy of correspondence guarantee. But following 2015 attacks the second Vorratsdatenspeicherung (data retention) law was passed.

Thus, since October, 2015 German telecom companies and ISPs are required to retain traffic data on phone calls and Internet connections for 10 weeks which is a clear violation of privacy. Additionally, Germany is known to have been an active member of the Global Surveillance Program “ECHELON” that heavily monitored citizens around the world. German government never publicly acknowledged their involvement, even though leaked documents prove otherwise.

Additionally, tech giants including Microsoft, Apple and Google use a number of tracking tools that gather a wide range of information about their users. For this reason protecting yourself with VPN is becoming increasingly important.

Considering that VPN providers do not fall under telecom or ISP category, data retention laws do not apply to VPN. And since EU has some of the best privacy laws in the world, while no government can use data retention legislation to force a VPN provider to start logging, EU is a great jurisdiction for a VPN company to be based at, including Germany. Since VPN encrypts all data transferred from/to the device and offers an alternative IP address, VPN is a perfect solution to privacy.

Now, Germany has extremely strict copyright laws according to which citizens who torrent are treated as criminals. Liability for copyright infringement could be a hefty fine of a few hundred euros at best or even a lawsuit.

EU Enforcement Directive (IPRED), additionally, makes it very easy for the holders of the intellectual property rights, or any person authorized to use it, such as licensees, to apply for evidence regarding an infringement. The only requirement is to present “reasonably available evidence sufficient to support its claim“. In other words, holders can easily acquire an IP address of the user who was involved in “counterfeiting and piracy” (torrenting) directly from the Internet Service Provider.

Because VPN keeps user identity hidden, protects browsing history from being intercepted by hackers or ISP, and safeguards users against government intrusion, VPN allows safe torrenting as well. Additionally, VPN can unblock regionally restricted content on various websites including YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. But due to recent Netflix crackdown on VPNs, please refer to the Best VPN for Netflix if your goal is to bypass Netflix proxy error.

All the providers listed below offer an ultra fast VPN connection that protects users from government mass surveillance, data retention laws that essentially advocate spying, and random cybercriminals phishing for sensitive data.

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NordVPN is certainly a security oriented provider. Panama based company with zero logs privacy policy offers double data encryption when they encrypt your data not once, but twice. Their custom desktop apps that can run on system startup include Kill Switch feature and DNS leak resolver to protect the user from unexpected data leaks. NordVPN is available in 21 countries, offers Dedicated, Shared Static and Dynamic IP types, and 6 simultaneous logins. To read a full NordVPN review and get an annual discount click HERE.


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ExpressVPN infrastructure is very well optimised for HD video streaming and torrenting. Considering they have a zero-logs privacy policy, accept Bitcoin and are located on the Caribbean Island, they are a great choice for privacy oriented customers who want to protect their data from surveillance, bypass censorship and access copyright material without legal repercussions. Besides, ExpressVPN partners up with the EFF and aligns itself as one of the Internet’s leading advocates for net neutrality and for a democratic and open internet. To read a full ExpressVPN review click HERE.


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PureVPN is a proud owner of a massive 500 servers network in over 120 countries with over 60 server locations specifically optimized for torrenting. Hong Kong based PureVPN is a security conscious provider with infrastructure protected behind NAT Firewall. Kill Switch feature guards the users from unencrypted data leaks when the internet connection drops. In case you want to limit your VPN use to specific websites/services only, Split Tunneling feature lets you decide which applications to send through unencrypted channel and which one to secure with a top-notch VPN service. To read a full PureVPN review click HERE.


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SurfEasy is a part of Opera – a software company, trusted by over 350 million users for more than 20 years. Ultra fast, zero logs SurfEasy VPN features Ad Tracker that intercepts advertising cookies and removes user identifying information. With easy-to-use apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and browser add-ons SurfEasy VPN lets users choose from over a dozen regions to unblock content and secure online activity. To read a full SurfEasy VPN review click HERE.


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ZenMate is a zero-logs privacy oriented VPN provider with a number of built-in security features for advanced protection from cybercrime and various IP leaks. ZenMate has 1000 ultra fast VPN servers that are great for streaming, torrenting and gaming since the infrastructure is optimized for low ping times and virtually eliminates lag. ZenMate Premium software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android is lightweight, efficient and reliable – it takes about 2 seconds to disconnect from one VPN server and connect to another. ZenMate simply never disconnects! To read a full ZenMate review click HERE.


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Romania based CyberGhost with it’s advanced security features such as NAT Firewall, Anti-Fingerprinting, DNS Leak and Tracking protection, Ad-Blocker, Anti-Malware, AntiVirus, and Kill Switch features that guards your connection from unexpected interruptions, tracking and online threats, combined with No Logs policy and Bitcoin as one of the many payment options, is a perfect choice for users who need a top notch online security. To read a full CyberGhost review click HERE.


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IPVanish is a no logs VPN provider offering 400 high-speed servers that are protected behind NAT Firewall. IPVanish partnership with Lag Assassin ensures the lowest ping times creating a perfect environment for gaming traffic. Additionally, dedicated software can determine the best server based on a specific need: IPVanish users can select the fastest server considering their current location, and the best Media or Gaming servers in the US, UK or Canada. Considering that torrenting is also allowed, IPVanish becomes a perfect choice for users who plan on using VPN for gaming, streaming or p2p torrenting. To read a full IPVanish review click HERE. VPN Logo

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ANNUAL PRICE: 59.95 USD is one the most popular VPN providers on the market with servers in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia. Based in Malaysia, is a zero logs company that has custom software with a built-in Kill Switch and DNS Leak protection. The provider accepts Bitcoin along with about 100 other payment options and does an excellent job in providing fast secure encrypted network, hence, keeping its position as the best VPN service. To read a full review click HERE.


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ANNUAL PRICE: 124.95 Euro

Perfect Privacy is an ultra fast (1000mbps) VPN provider with a heavy focus on advanced online security. Perfect Privacy Integrated Firewall protects their users from IP leaks when the app is running, it even prevents unencrypted online access after OS reboot. In addition, Perfect Privacy offers a unique Multi-Hop VPN feature that allows cascading over up to 4 OpenVPN servers at the same time along with a proxy and SSH tunnel. This setup practically eliminates the risk of being traced back. For additional firewall penetration Perfect Privacy allows 5 custom port forwardings or 3 default random ports. To read a full Perfect Privacy review click HERE.


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Offering over 1200 servers in 48 countries, all mainstream protocols and 5 simultaneous connections, TorGuard rightfully earned its place as a top VPN provider. No Logs TorGuard features advanced security features such as Kill Switch option that ensures no data leaks when the connection drops. Their SOCKS5 and http proxy is an excellent feature for high-speed multimedia streaming and torrenting as it integrates with the main BitTorrent applications. To read a full TorGuard review click HERE.


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