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AirVPN is an Italian VPN provider created by privacy activists whose main goal is data protection. AirVPN has over 100 servers in 23 countries that have Perfect Forward Secrecy through Diffie-Hellman key exchange DHE. Essentially key negotiation is performed every 60 minutes to avoid data breach if the key is compromised.

Additionally, AirVPN open-source app offers OpenVPN over SSH and OpenVPN over SSL that mask OpenVPN and make the use of encryption tools invisible to some of the most advanced firewalls. “Even the most brutal techniques of monitoring, censorship, throttling and traffic shaping will fail against AirVPN” is exactly what AirVPN is capable of. Since AirVPN can bypass even the Great Firewall of China, it’s a perfect VPN provider for countries like China and Iran that use DPI methods to block encryption tools, or at workplaces and colleges that use strict firewalls.

For those who prefer to further anonymize themselves, another interesting AirVPN feature is OpenVPN over Tor and vice versa. Essentially, you first connect to the Tor network and get a Tor IP address, then to AirVPN servers with AirVPN IP address as the end result. This allows Clearnet browsing with additional Tor layer, but there is no access to .onion websites and performance is, well, extremely slow. In the second scenario, you first connect to AirVPN servers and then to Tor network that allows you to access to both Clearnet (.com) and Darknet (.onion). Speed and performance is typical for Tor network.

AirVPN also offers OpenVPN dynamic port-forwarding on 80 TCP / UDP, 443 TCP / UDP and 53 TCP / UDP. TCP is more reliable, but slower, while UDP is less reliable, but faster. TCP is a preferred method on unstable internet connection while UDP works well on fast and stable internet. Additionally, Network Lock is AirVPN Kill Switch and DNS Leak Protection feature that prevents IPv4/IPv6 communication when the device is not connected to a AirVPN servers. Network Lock is based on strict firewalls rules, therefore, providing protection against data leaks at all times even when the connection is “ON”.

AirVPN DNS servers are neutral and anti-ICE/ICANN. AirVPN software also verifies DNS settings to ensure all the data is securely sent through AirVPN network. Geolocation routing is a double-hop feature that allows to bypass geolocation restrictions without the need to connect to a different server. For instance, AirVPN users can connect to BBC iPlayer (accessible only from the UK) while they are connected to a US VPN server.

AirVPN is not a good option for spammers since outbound port 25 is blocked on all servers. But with all the above features, AirVPN most certainly makes the list of one of the most privacy oriented VPN providers. AirVPN users can bypass any internet restrictions placed by their governments/ISPs and avoid mass surveillance. AirVPN is also a good choice for torrenting & streaming as their speed is well in line with the other leading VPN providers.


USA:Chicago, Fremont, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Miami, Pennsylvania, Phoenix
Europe:UK, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine
Asia/Pacific:Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore
Desktop OSMacWindowsLinux
Mobile OSiOSAndroid
Available appsMac, Windows
IP type:Shared Dynamic
Number of Countries24
Number of Servers113
Simultaneous Logins3
Torrents AllowedYes
Legal JurisdictionItaly
Kill SwitchYes
Data LimitsNo
Free servicesFree Trial request
24/7 supportNo
Payment Options:PayPal, Credit Card, American Express (AMEX), Bitcoin
More Payment Options:Yes
Money backN/A


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  1. MattAugust 4, 2016

    I bought both AirVPN and NordVPN to test and decide which one I liked better. I was really torn between them because both offer very similar features in terms of what I need from a VPN. Both don’t log and allow torrenting. Both are very fast and very reliable. It looks like AirVPN has a few more security settings that I am not going to use myself. Nord was cheaper and had more servers so I went with Nord for these reasons alone. But if someone needed those security options, I understand why Air could be a preferred choice. AirVPN is a very good provider, I highly recommend it if you have the budget.


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