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NordVPN Winter Holiday Deal 2017 Is there any privacy left in the UK we wonder…

First it was the UK’s surveillance on a global scale that included phone calls, text messages and webcam hacks of the British citizens, then targeted malware, and even Investigatory Powers Bill that requires ISPs to log at least 1 year worth of internet activity. The government has now decided it should block “obscene” adult content not certified by the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification).

Even though the British government is a pioneer in mass surveillance, recent introduction of the Digital Economy Bill, that bans a number of “non-coventional” sex acts and enforces strict age verification checks on the porn websites, is distressing.

In order to comply with the new legislation adult websites must verify their users’ age through identity checks. Linking adult websites with the identity of a specific viewer helps the government (or other entities) compile a database of porn viewing habits which will likely lead to “porn surveillance” on a massive scale.

“And we know that privacy in such cases is often breached by accident, by hackers, or secretly by the police and intelligence services. This is the state, yet again, intervening in people’s private lives for no reason other than good old British prurience and control-freakery,” <a href=”